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Janitorial Management Software and Key Features A lot of companies, whether big or small, are using janitorial software for more efficient business management. These systems help with inspections, client feedback, route tracking, job ticketing, and many other tasks. Whether you want separate system units or an all-in-one package, below are the three central features you should look for: Quality Control Almost all janitorial software tackle inspections. But they vary significantly in terms of how they work. In conducting inspections, you do not just consider the software’s cost, but also the time it takes for the inspections to be completed and the reports to get to the right people. To know if you’re eating up too much time, count how many touches and screens are needed to complete an inspection. If it’s over 3 screens and over 4 touches, try other software out. Too many touches or screens indicates that you’ll end spending more for labor while not getting enough work done. Route/Time Tracking
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There are two things that can cause a business owner to lose sleep – employees who don’t report for work and employees who report for work but don’t do their jobs correctly. If employees skip work or don’t do it well, you could lose valuable contracts. Contracts aren’t won very easily these days, so there should be a system will keep them in place. Route tracking is a relatively new feature that cannot be found in many systems. It allows live monitoring of staff not only from site to site but from room to room as well. That means a supervisor will be able to see where a worker is at a particular time, how long he’s been there, and how long he finished each area or room.
If You Read One Article About Solutions, Read This One
Obviously, this feature also assists in evaluating goals and whether or not they were satisfied. It also gives the supervisor a clear picture of how much time a certain task will probably take based on previous recordings. Client Feedback It’s good to have a system that allows you to monitor your staff, making sure the job is done right. However, not monitoring your clients can also cause you to lose your contacts. You should give them a convenient way of providing feedback so you know what’s wrong, and you can act on it the soonest. You can inspect all you want, but unless you meet your customers’ requirements, they will always look elsewhere. Remember, the key to an effective feedback system is ease of use. Clients must find it easy to say what they want to say, or they will just stay silent. And that can be dangerous. Next thing you know, they could be terminating your contract or deciding not to renew it.

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