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South Asia Religious News.

  1. an international news service
  2. a window on south asia.


Supported by Indian Catholic Press Association ( ICPA).


The Indian Catholic press Association ( ICPA) is Proffessional organization of Catholic News papers, Periodicals, News Agencies, Publishing Houses, Working Jpournalists and journalism Teachers. Founded in 1964 as a registered society ( Regd No. ER 466/85) it promtes excellence and competence. It conducts annual meetings, conventions and regular training programmes for budding journalists in various parts of India and in the South Asian Countries. It works in collaboration with the Catholic Bishops Conference Of India ( CBCI), the South Asian Catholic Press Asociation ( SACPA) and the International Catholic Union of the Press (UCIP).

SAR NEWS South Asian Religious News – was established in 1981, by the Indian Catholic Press Association (ICPA) to gather and disseminate news about South Asia. SAR NEWS reports on religious events and trends through a network of correspondents in the region. It provides accurate and speedy news and features to Christian periodicals, personnel and organizations.

SAR NEWS covers issues of Christian concern that affect the Catholic and other Churches, denominations and society at large. Through its service, SAR NEWS is committed to promoting peace, justice, religious harmony, ethnic relations, ecology, environment, health, development, gender equality, issues affecting the poor, the minorities and the marginalized. It informs and assists newspapers and periodicals, Church leaders and other decision makers by highlighting events and trends in Church and society.

SAR NEWS covers the whole of South Asia – Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

With correspondents placed in every region, SAR NEWS insists on objective, impartial and comprehensive reporting. Besides covering spot news, it specializes in analytical, interpretative reporting and features.

SAR NEWS dispatches news through electronic mail daily and by post weekly.


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