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Who Will Be Bangalore’s Minority MP?
BANGALORE, Karnataka(SAR NEWS) --While speculations are rife among the minority community over who would be Bangalore’s MPs to represent the minorities in the coming election, a new face has shown up as probable. Not ‘new’ in the literal sense, given his 25 years of experience in politics and association with the Congress party. Just that there are speculations that H.T. Sangliana and Jaffer Shariff are also in the fray.

Sangliana, a top cop-turned-politician, won the last election on the Bharatiya Janata Party ticket, while Shariff has won more than once in the same constituency (Bangalore North).

President of the All India Christian Democratic Front, K. Samuel Chacko, feels strongly: “It is high time there is a younger face to represent the electorate.”

Given the widespread publicity and pressures on him from individuals, organisations and fellow Congress workers to seek a Congress party ticket in the coming elections, Chakco feels he is “the people’s man” and a face to represent the large Christian population in Bangalore.

Chacko has left no stone unturned to make his presence felt and accepted by the Christians. Carrying with himself a wealth of experience with politics (holding a degree in political science), Chacko also has the rare privilege of being born on the Independence Day.

Some of his supporters wonder as to why the Congress is not pushing up new faces and younger ones to represent the electorate.

An unassuming gentleman who sees a spiritual hand in everything he does, Chacko says: “People are looking for a young face. This is very clear from the pressure exerted on me to represent the masses. The voters need a change for sure, given the upheavals and conflicts that have taken place in recent times over politics in Karnataka.”

Chacko has worked in various wings of the Congress party and feels it is high time people like him get the opportunity to serve the party with greater resolve, as a member of parliament.

“One look at the electorate profile will probably give Samuel Chacko a better chance should he be given a ticket to contest,” says a close aide of Chakco.

Specualtions are that Chacko would either contest from the Central Constituency, which is carved out of Bangalore North and South. However, Bangalore North would be his better option. Bangalore North has the following profile: Lingayats 2.5%, Vokkalagias 12.5%, BC 10.63%, SC/ST 26.5 % , Muslims 15.62%, Christians 5.63% and others 26.62%.

The North Constituency has always been a minority constituency. Jaffer Sharrif has been elected 4 times from this constituency and Sangliana once. “If predictions are right and the electorate in this constituency are looking for a change, I believe I will stand a very good chance as the vote swing will be largely in my favour what with people looking for a new and a younger face that can represent the youth,” Chacko says.

The North constituency is believed to be the most prestigious constituency in Karnataka. Interestingly, out of 8 MLAs, 4 are Congress MLAs.

With February 25th believed to be the deadline for deciding on the tickets to candidates, voters in Karnataka, especially in Bangalore where there is a large concentration of Christians, are keeping their fingers crossed while Chacko looks ahead with optimism.


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