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Seashells Sell On Kanyakumari Coast: A Stella Maris Social Initiative

Share  By Adolf Washington, SAR NEWS KANYAKUMARI, Tamil Nadu (SAR NEWS) – A group of young girls watches expectantly into Kanyakumari’s ocean line where their fortunes lie even as they busy themselves stringing seashells together.             These young women are part of one of the self-help groups of women who have been helped through the Church-run Stella Maris [...]
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Easter Means No More Death

Share By Cyril Desbruslais sj, SAR NEWS By SAR NEWS In early Christian times, there was baptism by total immersion. This was able to bring out better our “being buried” with Jesus through the sacrament (the waters that engulfed one symbolising Jesus’ being buried in the earth), to rise with him to [...]

The Resurrection. Was It For Real?

Share By Fr Cyril Desbruslais sj, SAR NEWS This is the kind of question one can expect to hear nowadays. In this scientific age, where proofs and empirical data count so much, young (and not so young) Christians could perhaps be pardoned for voicing such a radical doubt.             Even some (non-Catholic) biblical scholars seem to give in [...]

A Lenten Alleluia

  Share By Cyril Desbruslais sj, SAR NEWS “You are an Alleluia people!” So said Augustine, the saintly bishop of Hippo, to his congregation over 1,500 years ago. And he was right. All Christians are an Alleluia people. Always. Even during Lent.             We may have suppressed the Alleluia during the Lenten liturgy, but that is only so that [...]

They Repair Broken Marriages, Reconcile Hurt Couples

Share BANGALORE, Karnataka (SAR NEWS) – Clive and Cathy are happily married with 5 children and eleven grandchildren. Cathy was a nurse in Ireland and Clive was a fire officer in London. It’s a time of their life when they should be sitting on a rocking chair thanking God for all the challenges and the blessing through [...]
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Who Are The Real Idiots?

So what is the connection with the other 3 idiots? If we can go beyond the Bollywood hype and heroic antics, the movie has an important message about the educational system, parental expectations and student aspirations. It is a story of ruthless academics, where the winner, like the cuckoo, takes all. In the process, it destroys the nest eggs of the others.