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Remembering The Catechists Of Yesteryears

Share Ahmedabad-based Jesuit priest, Father William Pius Macwan, has taken the initiative to pay homage to the catechists of yesteryears by bringing out a book on them entitled “Catechist Smrutigranth”. The editor of the book, Father Macwan, presented the first copy to Bishop Thomas Macwan of Ahmedabad at the Bishop’s House here January 12. The magazine-size book has [...]

Who Are The Real Idiots?

So what is the connection with the other 3 idiots? If we can go beyond the Bollywood hype and heroic antics, the movie has an important message about the educational system, parental expectations and student aspirations. It is a story of ruthless academics, where the winner, like the cuckoo, takes all. In the process, it destroys the nest eggs of the others.