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Monsoon Destroys Houses Of Christian Fish Workers


NAGERCOIL, Tamil Nadu (SAR NEWS) — The South West monsoon, which has set over Tamil Nadu, damaged about 23 houses of Christian fish workers belonging to the parish of Muloorthurai in Kottar Diocese, June 10.

The furious waves intruded into the village and damaged the houses of the fish workers. Alby, a fish worker, had his leg fractured in a wall collapse, as part of his house was swept away in the rain.

The coastal parishes of Muloorthurai, Ramanthurai, Puthenthurai, Enayam and Midalam of Kottar diocese and Erayamanthurai and Chinnathurai of Trivandrum dioceses suffered heavy damage by sea erosion of the coastal beaches by the ferocious waves. Fish workers who live along the shore have moved to safer places.

Muloorthurai parish priest Father Felix Alexander said there was inordinate delay in constructing breakwater walls in the parish and in the absence of such precautionary measures, the waves could easily enter the villages causing heavy damage to houses and materials of their the workers’ livelihood.

He appealed to the government authorities to act on a war-footing to find a proper solution to the natural calamity. Meanwhile, the government authorities have dumped boulders to check the intensity of the waves.

About 60,000 fish workers were affected by the merciless waves as they could not venture into the sea for a week. Men go for fishing while women are engaged in retail marketing of fish.

Various associations of fish workers have demanded construction of breakwater walls and reinforcement of the existing groynes. They have also sought a permanent solution to sea erosion.

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June 14th, 2010




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