Has Salman Khan accquitted in the hit-and-run case?

Has Salman Khan accquitted in the hit-and-run case?

The Infamous Hit-and-Run Case Involving Salman Khan

Back in 2002, one of the biggest names in Bollywood, Salman Khan, was involved in a hit-and-run incident that shook the nation. It was a late-night incident that happened on the streets of Mumbai, leading to the death of one person and injuring four others who were sleeping on the sidewalk. This incident marked a significant turning point in Salman Khan's life and career, resulting in a legal battle that lasted for more than a decade. Although the actor has had his fair share of controversies, the hit-and-run case remains the most notorious one till date.

The Legal Roller Coaster

The legal proceedings of the hit-and-run case were nothing short of a roller coaster ride. After the incident occurred, Salman Khan was arrested but soon released on bail. In 2003, a Mumbai court charged him with "culpable homicide not amounting to murder," which he vehemently denied. The case continued with numerous twists and turns, with witnesses turning hostile and evidence being questioned. The entire nation watched as the Bollywood actor navigated through the labyrinth of the Indian legal system.

Salman Khan's Sentencing and the Ensuing Chaos

In 2015, the Mumbai sessions court found Salman Khan guilty of all charges and sentenced him to five years in prison. The news of his sentencing sent shockwaves across the country. Fans and fellow actors alike expressed their shock and disbelief. The actor, however, appealed against the verdict in the Bombay High Court and was granted interim bail till the final decision of the appeal.

The Acquittal: A Surprising Turn of Events

In a surprising turn of events, Salman Khan was acquitted of all charges by the Bombay High Court in December 2015. The court cited lack of incriminating evidence as the reason for his acquittal. The decision sparked a wide range of reactions, with some celebrating the verdict and others condemning it. Nonetheless, the acquittal marked the end of the 13-year-long legal battle that Salman Khan had been fighting.

The Impact on Salman Khan's Career

Despite the controversy and legal battles, Salman Khan's career in Bollywood didn't seem to take a hit. In fact, some of his biggest hits were released during the course of the trial. However, the hit-and-run case did cast a shadow over his image. The case brought a lot of negative attention to the actor, but he managed to bounce back each time. Today, he continues to be one of the top actors in Bollywood, and his popularity seems unaffected by his past controversies.

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